Macinz Global offers outsourced tax services to Individuals, Firms, Corporations, CPAs, accounting firms and Professionals in the US, Canada, UK and Australia. Our team’s comprehensive tax experience strengthens your in-house team during the hectic tenure of tax season.

Connecting with a decent tax professional is one of the critical matters for many business enterprises. It is indeed challenging to find and maintain a tax personnel that fulfills your needs in diverse areas such as Individual Tax Return, Partnership Tax Return, Small Corporation Tax return, Corporation Tax Return, Payroll Tax Return. That’s why it might be best to reach out to us for the various tax functions. You can choose outsourcing tax services to Macinz Global.

Our team consists of tax professionals who are competent and proficient with the latest tax regulations. With a client-focused approach, we eliminate redundancies and manual processes for increased efficiency.

Our Taxation Variants:

  • Tax Preparation & Filing
    • Non Profits – Form 990
    • Partnerships – Form 1065
    • Estates and trusts- Form 1041
    • Corporations – Form 1120 / 1120s
    • Expat Tax Filing along with Form 2555
    • Individuals – Form 1040, Form 1040A, Form 1040EZ, Form 1040NR
  • Tax Returns Preparation Services
    • Tax Validation
    • Form and Certification
    • Ascertainment of Liability
  • Sales Tax
    • Seven Step Tax Calculation process
    • Monthly/Quarterly Calculation
    • Tax Filings
    • Registration based on practical standpoints
    • State Representations for Penalty Relief
Taxation Services


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